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Membership Benefits

Entrepreneur Member

Most appropriate for small businesses looking for networking opportunities and proven ways to grow their company.  Access to the many base-level benefits that come with Chamber membership.

Expansion Member

Core members enjoy a broader list of benefits to complement their own marketing strategies. More appropriate for small businesses with 2-3 locations who are looking to utilize additional Chamber opportunities to tap into the readily available advertising & marketing tools.

Leadership Member

Choose this level if your business is well established and you’re looking for ways to market your business at an enhanced level.  Premier members receive the same benefits as Core & General members but have access to marketing packages, granting them an unprecedented level of exposure in the business community.

Community Builder Member

Recommended for companies who want to be directly engaged and informed about what the Chamber does to support the community and impact the business climate. Patron members are passionate about the success of their Chamber of Commerce and look to be in a leadership role within their industry, business & Chamber community.

Chamber Partner Member

Partner members receive the highest level of recognition, including peer-to-peer engagement opportunities and recognition specifically for company leadership.  For businesses with a strategy of spreading their marketing dollars across the entire spectrum of Chamber opportunities, ensuring broad exposure within the business community as well as passionate involvement in issues most important to the Pensacola community as a whole.