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Frequently asked questions

Should the nominees for LeaP fall within a specific age range?

Ages are 18+, and we are intentional about diversifying the age range in the selection process. Each class has a variety of ages which greatly adds to the experience!


What are the dates that the 2023 class will take place?

Specific calendar days will be decided after the class is selected.  Because those are decided after the class selection, it is imperative that all class nominees have the support of their company before applying to the class.


How much the tuition is for LeaP?

Chamber members' tuition is $1,500.  Non Chamber members' tuition is $1,900.  **$50 application fee for all applicants


What months does the LeaP year run?

The new class begins in August and graduates the following May.


Are there scholarships or extended payment plans available?

Yes, scholarships are based on need and funding available.  Payment plans can also be requested.  Upon receiving your application for LeaP, please denote a request for either in the designated section.