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Eligibility & Requirements

What is the time commitment?

For the Leadership Pensacola program to be truly meaningful, Class Members have a responsibility to participate fully. Attendance at scheduled functions, as well as interaction among class members, is essential to the total learning experience. A participant who fails to attend deprives another interested applicant whom an opening was denied.

Attendance at Opening Retreat, SIMSOC retreat, and Closing Retreat are mandatory. Participants who miss more than one and a half of the ten monthly sessions must withdraw from the program with no portion of tuition refunded.

What is the purpose of Leadership Pensacola?

The purpose of the Leadership Pensacola selection process is to choose a class of 50 participants who are representatives of Northwest Florida. The selection process seeks a cross-section of the community; men and women from different career, educational, political, social and cultural backgrounds. The selection committee, comprised of dedicated LeaP Alumni, focus on the content, quality and insight provided on each application.

This selection criteria includes:

  • A history of involvement or a strong desire to become actively involved in the community.
  • A willingness to serve the Greater Pensacola community following graduation by assuming greater leadership responsibilities within civic, charitable and community organizations.
  • A desire to remain in the Greater Pensacola Region.
  • A commitment to program attendance and participation requirements.

what does being a member of leadership pensacola entail?

Participants accepted into LeaP are involved in a balanced combination of retreats, day long seminars and community projects. The program is refined annually by a committed group of LeaP alumni. Area decision-makers offer their time and expertise while tours and interactive exercises are built into each day.

Session issues addressed during the year have included Economic Development, Education, Environment, Transportation, Health Care, Leadership and Ethics and Quality of Life.

What is the process prior to acceptance into leadership pensacola?

Following the close of nominations at the end of February, all nominees will receive an electronic application via email. Applications consist of demographic information, community involvement, leadership experience, potential for involvement and questions relating to the nominees insight on the Greater Pensacola Area and leadership characteristics. Please refer to the timeline below for specific dates:

  • Nominations open for the Class of 2025: February 1, 2024
  • Nominations close for the Class of 2025: February 29, 2024 by 11:59 PM
  • Application Packet Emailed to All Nominees: March 8, 2024
  • Applications Due: April 11, 2024 by 5 PM

​*All applications must be submitted with a $50 application fee and a supervisor’s signature.

What is the benefit to me as a class member?

  • Understanding of the issues, impacts and implications that affect Northwest Florida now and in the future.
  • Greater knowledge of the region, its history and its leaders.
  • Access to decision makers and business and community leaders.
  • A commitment to creating a better community.
  • An informed network of diverse colleagues for individual, business and community problem solving.
  • Increased leadership skills and enhanced awareness of personal leadership styles.

What is the benefit to my company?

  • Increased employee leadership skills and knowledge of regional issues that can be used for greater organizational effectiveness.
  • Exposure to other community leaders who are committed to Northwest Florida.
  • An opportunity to position your business as an organization that is committed to community quality of life issues and to position its decision makers as committed community leaders.
  • Networking opportunities that can help with business solutions.