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About Leadership Pensacola

Leadership Pensacola (LeaP), a program of the Pensacola Chamber Foundation, aims to develop community-minded leaders during its 10-month-long program. LeaP is designed to help participants acquire an understanding of the issues facing the Pensacola area and to gain the leadership skills necessary to resolve them. Candidates sought come from a cross-section of the community – men and women from different political, career, educational, social and cultural backgrounds.

Participants accepted into LeaP are involved in a balanced combination of retreats, day-long seminars and community projects. The program is refined annually by a committed group of LeaP alumni. Area decision-makers offer their time and expertise while tours and interactive exercises are built into each day.

The 2022-23 Application Process

The Chamber will begin accepting nominations for the upcoming class, LeaP Class of 2021, January 27th, 2022. You will be able to nominate yourself or someone else for the program through an online form we will have available on the Chamber’s website until February 28th, 2022. Anyone can be nominated for the program, the main purpose of the nomination period is to receive the contact information of a potential applicant to send the official application to when the nomination period closes.

Following the close of nominations, all nominees will receive an electronic application via email on March 2nd, 2022. Applications consist of demographic information, community involvement, leadership experience, potential for involvement and many questions relating to the nominees insight on the Greater Pensacola Area and leadership characteristics. Please refer to the timeline below for specific dates:

  • Nominations Accepted for the Class of 2023: January 27th - February 28th, 2022
  • Application Packet Emailed to All Nominees: March 2nd, 2022
  • Applications Due: April 3rd, 2022

​*All applications must be submitted with a $40 application fee and a supervisor’s signature.

What is the objective of Leadership Pensacola?

The objective of the Leadership Pensacola program is to:

  • Identify and cultivate current and future community leaders from the various geographic, ethnic, occupational and economic backgrounds of the Pensacola area.
  • Provide participants an in-depth, balanced understanding of issues, problems and opportunities confronting the Pensacola area
  • Develop a synergistic environment to enhance leadership skills among participants, thereby providing a common ground for working together on community needs.
  • Foster a high level of civic and community concern and involvement by participants.
  • Provide opportunities for building community cohesiveness.
  • Develop the resources for community placement of graduates and to assist in placing LeaP graduates in positions of community leadership and involvement.​

History of Leadership Pensacola


The concept of the “born leader” is a myth. The ability to take charge is not enough to move a business, an organization or the community forward. Rather, a leader’s success depends upon developing qualities of leadership, combined with a broad awareness of key issues, which will make a positive impact on the future.

Leadership Pensacola was founded in the fall of 1982 with the first graduating class in 1983. The Greater Pensacola Chamber established the program with a goal of ensuring the community’s pool of talented leaders would be continually renewed. They understood that the future health of any community is linked to committed, educated leadership which must be equipped to make vigorous, well-informed and responsible decisions.

To date more than 1,500 people have completed the Leadership Pensacola program and have acquired the skills, passion and connections to work effectively as community trustees. Whether serving on a board, filling an elected office, or mentoring a homeless teen, they are building a stronger Pensacola region for current and future generations.

Program Benefits

Advantages of the Leadership Pensacola program are as diverse as the participants themselves and the organizations in which they represents.

Individual Benefits

  • Understanding of the issues, impacts and implications that affect Northwest Florida now and in the future.
  • Greater knowledge of the region, its history and its leaders.
  • Access to decision makers and business and community leaders.
  • A commitment to creating a better community.
  • An informed network of diverse colleagues for individual, business and community problem solving.
  • Increased leadership skills and enhanced awareness of personal leadership styles.

Employer Benefits

  • Increased employee leadership skills and knowledge of regional issues that can be used for greater organizational effectiveness.
  • Exposure to other community leaders who are committed toNorthwest Florida.
  • An opportunity to position a business as an organization that is committed to community quality of life issues and to position its decision makers as committed community leaders.
  • Networking opportunities that can help with business solutions.

Community Benefits

  • A pool of committed community leaders to serve as board members and volunteers.
  • A talented group of leaders who can be called upon for solutions to community issues.
    Positive community change resulting from the class project.

If you have any further questions contact Natalie Ales, the Director of Programs and Special Events, at or 850.438.4081.