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August 26th COVID-19 Update

Florida Schools are Reopening so we can go Back to Work. Some Businesses Have Other Ideas.

After many sleepless nights, Christie Trimmer came up with a solution.

The co-owner of Communities First Association Management worried how the parents in her company would fare as kids headed back to school. Her 10-year-old daughter is doing online classes and she wanted to be prepared in case some of her employees’ kids get sent back home to do e-learning.

So, Trimmer decided to dedicate office space for employees’ young kids with a tutor who is a University of South Florida student. Two kids are signed up to use the room so far, and the company is limiting capacity to six to minimize COVID-19 exposure.

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Influential Florida Lobbying Group Calls Proposed $15 Minimum Wage ‘a disastrous idea after COVID’

An influential Tallahassee lobbying group Thursday took aim at a proposed constitutional amendment on the November ballot that would raise Florida’s minimum wage.

With the backing of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, small-business owners launched the “Amendment 2 Hurts You” campaign, saying the proposal to raise the minimum wage would kill jobs, reduce workers’ hours and destroy Florida’s already coronavirus-fractured economy.

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