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July 9th COVID-19 Update

The Paycheck Protection Program Saved 3.2 Million Florida Jobs

At least $25 billion in interest-free government loans from the Paycheck Protection Program went to Florida small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to data released Monday by the Small Business Administration.  Read more here.


Paycheck Protection Funds Distributed to Local Businesses

The Small Business Administration disclosed the names of many small businesses which received Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, funds. The SBA didn’t name the businesses that received less than $150,000, but Escambia County had 3,216 businesses and non-profits receive less than $150K total handed out $109 million to help retain 14,025 jobs.

The SBA did release the names of the companies and non-profits that received over $150,000 but didn’t give exact amounts.  These 1,840 business retained 31,363 jobs.  Fifty-seven stated they would retain zero jobs, another 18 left the field blank – 4.1%.

Read more and find the list of local businesses here.


Escambia County Schools' Fall Reopening Plan Gives Parents, Students Three Options

Superintendent Malcolm Thomas announced the reopening plans for the Escambia County School District on Wednesday.

A new school district website has been created to provide options available for parents for the 2020-2021 School Year. View it by clicking here.

Read more about Escambia County school reopening here.