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A priority of mine is for the Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce to collaborate with our community partners in an effort to support our small businesses.  The Studer Community Institute (SCI) has been a willing and eager partner of the Chamber’s since I became President last year.  This month, Rachael Gillette, Chief Leadership Development Officer for Studer Community Institute provided an overview of the Studer Community Institute’s mission at our Gopher Club breakfast meeting.  If you happened to miss Gopher Club (and you shouldn’t!), I wanted to provide you with some of what Rachael shared with us.


Studer Community Institute’s Core Mission is pretty simple: To improve the quality of life for everyone in our community, creating a vibrant place to live, work and play.  Studer Community Institute does this in a number of ways.  SCI provides valuable local data on their Community Dashboard, which helps identify what areas our community needs to focus on for improvement.   Studer Community Institute is also responsible for putting on EntreCon and CivicCon, where experts come in to engage our community and share their insights on what makes a stronger community.   Finally, SCI provides training for our small businesses that helps with everything from finding the right talent to maximizing your time as the leader of your business.    I encourage you to see what classes are being offered through SCI (Visit here) and find which ones might be beneficial to you and your employees.  Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce members receive a 20% discount on classes offered by Studer Community Institute.  Just use the code GPC20 when you register and, as a Chamber member, you will receive this discount.


I’m appreciative of the working relationship between Studer Community Institute and the Chamber and look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.