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What I’m Looking for During the 2020 Legislative Session

The 2020 Florida Legislative Session began last week in Tallahassee.  Typically, not much legislation is passed during election year sessions and I don’t see this year being any different.  But there are issues that the legislature can address that can improve the business environment in Northwest Florida.

You can find the Chamber’s legislative priorities for the 2020 legislative session here.  Key issue areas for the Chamber include health care, education, water quality and, as always, the Chamber supports any proposed tax cuts, bills relating to helping our military and veterans, and legislation that will help economic development.

The issue of teacher pay in Florida is one that Governor Ron DeSantis has championed this year.  A number of proposals have been submitted and this will be one of the key policy discussions this year.  The Chamber supports increased funding for teacher salaries so we can attract quality teachers to our community.

One piece of legislation that the Chamber will be tracking this year will be House Bill 171 sponsored by Representative Mel Ponder.  This bill would create a process for awarding postsecondary credit to certain servicemembers and veterans for training they received during their service.  This would help service members leaving the military speed up the process in finding work after their military career is finished and will help keep these individuals in our community.

The Chamber also encourages the legislature to continue the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, and to continue reducing the Business Rent Tax.

I am thankful for our local legislative delegation that works hard to represent our interests and improve the quality of life for us in Northwest Florida.