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Navy Federal Land Purchase a Great Deal for Escambia County

The recently announced sale of 98 acres from Escambia County to Navy Federal Credit Union is a win-win-win for our community.  As a result of this purchase, Navy Federal will create 300 new jobs. These positions will be in addition to the tremendous job creation the credit union had previously committed to.  This will employ more of our citizens and increase our tax base here in Escambia County.

But there are other benefits to this transaction that make it great for our community.  As a part of the purchase, Navy Federal will develop recreation amenities that will be accessible to the public in the growing Beulah area.   The $4.2 million deal also helps Escambia County to quickly begin to get the return on their investment from Outlying-Field 8 (OLF-8) land swap.

This deal is a win for our citizens, a win for our county, and a win for Navy Federal’s continued commitment to our community.